A subdivision into seven lying zones has in contrast to another zoning the advantage that the mattress model is split in mirror image. So it has no head or foot and can be turned freely. However, some manufacturers also offer asymmetrically zoned mattresses. These models should not be rotated as they will lose functionality. If you want to know more, you can learn it by visiting our website. Learn more on Bestmattress-brand.orgĀ 


The seven lying zones are usually divided as follows:

1. Head and neck zone:

The head and neck area is relatively firm so that the head is supported and overstretching of the neck muscles is prevented.

2. Shoulder zone:

To prevent tension in the shoulder area, the shoulder area is kept particularly soft. The shoulder can sink into the cold foam so that an ergonomic posture without pressure points is possible.

3. Lumbar region:

The lumbar region is the hardest zone and therefore offers optimal support in the sensitive lumbar region.

4. Pelvic zone:

The central pelvic zone is relatively soft so that the heavy pelvic area can sink in without pressure.

5. Leg zone:

The leg zone corresponds to the hard-sprung lumbar region. It keeps the trunk and legs in a stable, straight position.

6. Wade zone:

The calf zone is especially soft as a counterpart to the shoulder zone. The soft support surface also promotes the circulation of the lower leg veins.

7. Foot zone:

The medium-strength foot zone supports the entire foot and prevents kinking of the joints. At the same time, the pressure of joints, ankles, and heels is taken.

Also, the 7-zone mattress with a breathable cover, usually a double cloth cover, equipped. This should be removable and washable sein. In our online store, you will find both zoned and unconverted mattresses models brands. A matching topper and a suitable slatted frame can also be found here. In our branch, you can make the personal test with a test-bed. Our consultants offer you on-site as well as telephone supportive advice. We hope that all of the above-mentioned things have been made to you.