The purchase of a mattress is an “important” purchase not only for the leading role it has in our rest but also for the amount of spending that affects our pockets.

For this, we need to choose in a balanced way what will be our mattress. The choice is not simply because there are so many offers on the market and it is necessary to understand which is the right one for us?

How to choose the right mattress?

The personal characteristics:

Reading the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mattress from latex, to pocket springs, to memory you can get an idea of the type you prefer and the one that suits us best but the choice is still very tight. What is certain is that the world of mattresses is constantly evolving and the models on the market, if of quality, have as a common denominator,  sturdiness, ergonomics.

First of all, it is good to know that the ideal mattress is the one you choose, taking into consideration the physical characteristics of weight, height, the very personal perception of temperature, the level of perspiration, any back problems and habits of the sleep.

Having clear ideas is another fundamental element for choosing a mattress, it may seem a paradox but actually knowing what our goal is can help us choose the mattress that is right for us.

Do clear ideas come when you are aware of what we prefer: a soft or rigid mattress? Fresh or hot mattress?

Also in this choice the personal characteristics of which we spoke before play a fundamental role.

Then there are people who tend to move often during sleep often putting at risk a proper rest. In this case, the choice should be oriented towards pocket spring mattresses which react to the pressure of the body independently of the springs next to them, avoiding the risk that the movement spreads along the entire mattress; or towards the latex mattresses that enjoy their ability to immediately recover the shape after a pressure.

Therefore, when choosing a mattress, keep in mind:

•    Body size.

•    Sleep habits.

•    Possible disorders (sweating, allergies, back pain, etc).

•    The characteristics of the mattress.

If you are wondering, where should I buy my mattress from, go online and Google for the best results.